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Why I Want a Cabin (Part 1)


So I want a cabin.  Somewhere in the woods. Or maybe by the sea. Something rustic (without forgoing modern conveniences). For me, this is one of those “never say never” situations. I have always been a city girl who never got the appeal of the great outdoors. I also never understood why people kept weekend houses because when I go away, I prefer far flung places that require visas and maybe an immunization or two. So I never in a million years thought I’d be sitting here searching for a weekend cabin!  I don’t know how this huge shift in thinking happened but what I do know is that I want a cabin very badly. I think one of the reasons may be explained by this:

Second homes are an American obsession, partly — maybe mainly — because of the chance they give us to live a second life, one that may be truer to our real selves than the first that we live out of necessity. (Lou Ureneck, New York Times)

I apparently have another side to myself that I never knew about and it wants to sit on the porch watching the sun set, take walks in the woods and read under thick Pendleton blankets in front of a roaring fire.  It all sounds so lovely to me now that I don’t know what I could have possibly objected to before . . .


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