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Why I Want a Cabin (Part 2)


Another reason I’ve come around to the idea of having a weekend cabin is that I’m in love with everything Scandinavian right now.  Fjords, painted cottages, hygge, cool design, fika, Gustavian furniture, . . .  I could go on and on. 


Then  when we moved to the Pacific Northwest and began exploring the area, I saw how similar the landscape is to Scandinavia – pine forests, alpine lakes, snowcapped mountains . . . and it dawned on me that I could actually have a bit of that lifestyle right here in the U.S.  And the search began.


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  1. dotalpine says:

    nice photos

  2. Megan says:

    It looks so tranquil and idyllic. Sign me up!

  3. Decorno says:

    AMEN. I have the same dream.

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