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All White Bedrooms

We have an all white bedroom at the moment: white bed, white walls, white shades, . . . I used lots of different textures to make it interesting but it’s lacking something.  I was thinking yellow wallpaper on one wall but now I’m having second thoughts. There’s just something so serene about an all white room that I want to try to make it work without adding color, like these rooms:





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  1. Devon says:

    I’m terrified of the all-white room. It photographs beautifully, but does it feel warm or stark? What colors of paint do you favor for the white room. I’m dying to make the plunge but have cold feet…

    …but the rooms you posted (is that a hanging bassinet in the first picture??) make me want to jump in feet first!

  2. alek says:

    Devon – It may not be for everyone. I’ve just always loved white and would have my entire house all white if it weren’t for the dogs(!) The bedroom doesn’t feel cold to me at all but I’ve had an all white bedroom for YEARS now so I may just be used to it. I’ve used a lot of different textures and I think that helps warm things up. I’ll post some photos soon so you can be the judge. And yes, I think that is a bassinet – isn’t it adorable??

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