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So after two weekends of rug shopping, we went with the shag.  With two dogs, any light color rug is a questionable choice but ever since we brought the pups home, our attitude is (almost) everything can be replaced.  I have to say the shag feels great underfoot and the dogs are really digging it. (You can see one of them sacked out on it by the table.)  It’s amazing how much a rug can do to pull a room together.  

I also decided to hang our small painting collection in a grouping above the couch.  They were in separate rooms before but I think it has much more impact this way.  

Next up in the living room: hanging the big ass tv on the wall.  With that, the living room may be finished.  As much as anything is finished around here . . .


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  1. Kristina says:

    The rug looks very comfy! What a beautiful ceiling you have!

  2. K-Line says:

    It looks fabulous. And I agree that the ceiling is unbelievably beautiful. Love the lamp too.

  3. Thank you both! The really cool thing about the ceiling is that it’s all reclaimed wood.

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