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A Chesterfield

Now the last thing I need is another couch. We got the gray one when we moved into our house and a second couch is sitting in my studio, waiting to go to our weekend house (whenever that may be). There is also a settee on the landing upstairs. So really, another couch is out of the question. But, I’ve been drawn to the chesterfield for a while now and want to keep it on file for future reference. I love how English and clubby it feels. 




But it’s can also be quite modern in white leather:


Recently, I found this gorgeous, distressed leather version at Shabby Chic:


We got our couch before we got our dogs but had it been the other way around, I would have definitely gone with something leather. So I think this will be my next couch. It may be a while but there’s nothing wrong with a long term plan, right?


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