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My Studio Is Making Me Sad

So I’m in a weird funk this week. I don’t know if it’s yesterday’s news about Domino folding (I know, I need to move on) or the dreary winter weather but I went from a things-are-progressing-nicely state of mind to a downright foul mood where I feel like everything’s a mess. Things ARE kind of a mess actually. Case in point, the studio:

dsc_52582 dsc_52603 dsc_5259

I can’t believe I’m letting the world see this hideous sight. On a happy note, I spotted this image today at


It’s not a studio but it inspired me to display some of my artwork along my wall of shelves. It also makes me think maybe I want to put my long table parallel to the shelves even though I’ve rearranged the furniture a zillion times already.  I WILL tackle this room soon . . .


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  1. Lauren says:

    It’s going to be awesome!!! Your room is such a nice size & looks like it has a ton of natural light just like the room in the pic. Sometimes I get feeling like that too but just a little project/ organizing akes me feel so much better.

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