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Mirrors, Mirrors On the Wall

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The other thing I bought last weekend was this white Rococo-esque mirror. I definitely didn’t need another mirror and had no idea where I was going to put it but I have a thing for mirrors so here it is. I also have this white rectangular mirror which we hung in the guest room a couple of months ago after it floated around the house for a while. And then there’s my beloved antique Murano mirror which had previously been in the living room but got displaced by the bookcase and ended up in the master bedroom. I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of the bookcase before:


Anyway, I’m driving myself nuts because I see a lot of options for where the mirrors could go. I think the new mirror would look nice in the dining room on that stone wall I talked about before or in our bedroom which as you may know is all white.

As for the rectangular mirror, it could stay put (but where’s the fun in that?) or – it seemed like a weird idea at first but – it could actually work in the dining room like this:


I’d like to bring the Murano back into the living room but there isn’t much free wall space. It could go above the writing desk but I’m thinking about moving that into the bedroom so that’s another thing to consider. I’d love to hang a mirror above the fireplace but as you can see, it’s not centered so it’s awkward. And if we ever do mount the tv, I think it would be strange side by side. (I’ve got other issues with the fireplace which will be a topic for another post.)

dscn0079 dscn0073

So basically, there are just too many options but I plan on figuring it out by the weekend since it’s a long weekend and a good time to get the understanding husband to do the heavy lifting. Plus, it’ll all change again in a few months anyway, right?


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  1. Devon says:

    I wish I had your problem with too many mirrors. The mirrors are gorgeous and you did a great job on the white mirror find this weekend. Nothing you have seems to be of any one style to me and yet everything in your house just seems to fit as if it had always been there. I think that’s actually the definition of true talent. Nice work my friend!

  2. Lauren says:

    So I love your house!! Your bookcase actually reminds me a bit of the Philippe Starck pic in the post below. Love your style & the mirros will be beautiful anywhere!!

  3. Devon and Lauren – You’re both so sweet. Thanks for the very kind words – coming from the two of you, it’s a great compliment!

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