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Random Bedroom Ideas that Don’t Go Together


I’m still working on my February to-do list and one of the things is to reconfigure my closet because I don’t have enough space to hang dresses in there. (I have a lot of dresses.)  We’re thinking of raising the two hanging rails to give me more clearance but I think I’d just rather have this armoire instead!  I don’t think I’m brave enough for purple but how stunning is this? Anybody know a good source where I can get my hands on something like that?

I also decided I want to work this antique settee into the bedroom which we bought  on one of our last shopping sprees at the Marché aux Puces (or as I like to call it, heaven). It’s one of our favorite pieces.


With the addition of the settee, my idea of yellow wallpaper won’t work anymore but maybe a wallpaper in a shade of taupe or gray like these:



5 (via

The combination of red with gray or taupe actually reminds me of this charming room we stayed in in Corsica a few years ago:


Or I may just use the red as a jumping off point to incorporate some other colors like blues, yellow, and even some purple like this:





I’ve loved this room ever since I first saw it in Domino a couple of years ago:


And of course all of this is getting very far away from that all white bedroom I wanted. Maybe that will have to be for the weekend house where I can finally have white painted floors to go with it(?)



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  1. Siiri says:

    For a place near/in Seattle (get your adventurer hat on) to find an armoire, you want to go either here:

    or here:

    The first one (Second Use) is down in the Duwamish Valley, print directions. Seriously. I’m from Seattle, and was with my human map (he DOESN’T get lost) and we got lost, on the way there and the way back.

    The second listing, Earthwise, I have not been to yet, better pieces, more expensive.

    Happy hunting!

    • Siiri – For some reason your comment was in my Spam box for the past few days. I just happened to look in there today and so glad I did because these are great tips. Thanks so much!

  2. Siiri says:

    Ah! I was wondering what was up with that! I checked back to make sure you got the info and didn’t see the comment. I hope that doesn’t happen again! I am very loyal to your blog, and as a local Seattlite, I enjoy hearing what you’re up to around these parts. 🙂

    Keep it up, as I’m checking back daily for my dose of distraction from work!

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