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While I was having my coffee this morning, I was reading my comments and visiting other blogs and  I noticed that some bloggers email their replies rather than doing it through the comments. I actually prefer that because I don’t necessarily go back to a post to see if they replied to my comment or not. So I’m thinking about emailing my replies from now on. (Of course, not all comments require a reply but when they do.) What do you guys think? Reply by email or reply by comment? Thanks for your input.


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  1. Decorno says:

    A few people prefer to email me because they are responding to a post of mine they get via email subscription. And for those quirky few, I don’t mind. But in general, I hate email replies because the point of my blog is to generate discussion amongst the group, so when the reply comes right to me (a) I generally don’t have time to get back to people and (b) it unfortunately keeps their contribution to the topic hidden, which is a bummer.

    Some blogs allow you as a reader to select a box to basically sign up for email notification when people continue to comment on a post. And as a blog owner (at least on Blogger), you can sign up to get new comments on any post (even old ones) delivered to you by email so that you’re always looped in on new comments. I like this, as a blogger, because I can quickly reply even to an old post and chances are, if someone left a comment recently, they will go back to see if I replied. I like to keep all the convos on the blog as a record.

  2. K-Line says:

    You can click (on some blogs – including yours) the “notify me of follow up comments via email” box. But I actually like the comments forum. I love going back to a post a couple of days later, looking at the other comments and seeing if the blogger has responded to my comment.

  3. Kristina says:

    I agree with the previous comments: it’s nice to be able to follow the conversation on the blog.

  4. I’m going to jump in and agree with everyone else. I like generating discussion and if it is important enough for me to have an answer to a question, then I’ll go back and check. Plus, sometimes people ask something that I might want to know the answer to and if the answer is not public, then I won’t know and I don’t want to ask it again.

  5. Thanks, everybody for your thoughts. I think you’ve persuaded me to continue as I have been doing. I’m glad I put this out there before making any changes. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment.

  6. Julie says:

    wow! what a beautiful, colorful post! thank you for visiting my blog and for your very nice comment 🙂

  7. Erin says:

    personally, I’m a commenter because often the reply is interesting – for anyone out there actually paying attention of which there might be 3 people – but at least I gave those 3 people some info they didn’t have before!

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