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Changing Styles


Am I just fickle or have you all experienced complete changes in style over the years? Those “what the hell was I thinking” decisions?  In our first apartment, I had long purple velvet drapes custom made for these narrow but tall living room windows. I’m not sure how I came to that decision but at the time, I absolutely had to have them. You know how that is. Then I decided I needed a plum/burgundy couch. I know! What was I on? I then proceeded to buy a set of red vintage leather dining chairs and paired them with a big wooden farmhouse table. Well, believe it or not, it all actually worked out. I was on a sort of global boho kick in those days and we had bought a beautiful Tibetan rug on a trip to Nepal. It was blue with some plums and just a speck of red in it and it actually brought everything together.  But that color scheme never looked as good as these purple rooms. 





I still have all the pieces, including the purple drapes although they’ve just been stored for the last several years. But looking at these pictures, I think maybe some of them can actually find new life. How about you? Do you hang onto furniture or accessories that you may have outgrown? Just in case you have a change of heart?


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  1. Lauren says:

    I totally hang onto things I’m not in the mood for… (Unless it was just a really dumb impulse purpose that i grow to hate)… I have just succumbed to the fact that I will need a little storage area for rotating decor…

    Also, I’ve never been much into purple but I’ve been starting to love it this past year… I know that DR image from domino did it a little bit.. and there are also some really gorgeous plum fabrics out there right now…

  2. casacaudill says:

    I’ve never been into purple, but it seems like every place I’ve lived has had at least one blue room. I’ve also gone through phases where I love deep, rich dark reds. And then I realize later if I have to mix the two it looks all weird and wrong. The one trend I’ve never been able to adopt is the super stark modern interiors.

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