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Things I Really Don’t Need But Like (Budget Edition)

It’s almost certain that if I like something, it ain’t cheap. I’ve just accepted it because I’m also a big believer in “you get what you pay for.” So it’s always a shock when I fall for something then learn that it’s actually reasonably priced. Here are some things I’m liking lately:


I love cb2’s Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp and it’s only $199. Where was this when we first moved here and and ended up paying close to $600 for 2 lamps I was only lukewarm about because that’s all I could find? I’ve never bought anything from cb2 so I don’t know about the quality but it sure looks good in pictures. Has anyone had experience with cb2? Has anyone seen this lamp in the flesh?


And what about this coatrack from Urban Outfitters? Again, I don’t know what the quality is like but it’s $68! It even comes in my favorite color. 



I’m not a huge Ikea person but there’s usually something I find interesting. Today, there are several things. I have absolutely no need for this yellow cabinet or the space for it but it is just so cute. (Trollsta, $349). And I’ve seen this red cabinet around for years and haven’t grown tired of it yet. (Ikea PS, $99) Both could work in an office, dining room, anywhere really. Something about the rocking chair just appeals to me. Wouldn’t it be cute on the porch of that fictional cabin?  (Ikea PS Ellan, $39) And the yellow rocking lounger for only $19? (Emmabo) And I love the simplicity of this black Kulla lamp ($49). It would be great bedside.

What about you? Find any good bargains lately?


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  1. K-Line says:

    I really like that stand up lamp at the top. I’ve always wanted one like that. My house is so narrow that it really doesn’t work well. At least none that I’ve found so far…

  2. biba says:

    I do love that lamp. My days are full of things i like but don’t really need!!

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