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Mood Board #3 for the Bedroom

My third idea for the bedroom is to glam it up a little with black and adding some beige and other neutrals, inspired by Alexander Wang’s bedroom I posted about last week. If I leave the walls white, I can switch from the second option to this pretty easily. This would be nice in the colder months. For this plan, all I would need to do is get some black lamp shades, the sheepskin rug and the pillows so again, it would be pretty easy to do. 

I think I have one more mood board for tomorrow. It’s a variation on all three, just to keep things interesting. 


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  1. Mmm…love. I am a BIG fan of anything involving sheepskins! And that chair is super fab. Loving all your little bedroom boards!

  2. Anne – I love sheepskin, too. The chair is one of my favorite things I brought over from France. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces.

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