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Rolling Up My Sleeves

ilse2 picture-67 
(GuardianIlse Crawford)

I’ve professed my love for Ilse Crawford here before and I posted the first photo of her office last month. But I forgot I had this second photo which I think shows the same room from a different angle and with some of the details changed around. Also, the second photo includes a red chair that looks a lot like the red chairs I wasn’t sure what to do with and it makes me see them in a new light.

So with these as my jumping off point, I’m going to start working on my studio today. Since it’s snowing outside – that’s right, snowing(!) – I’d say it’s a good day to stay inside and get down to it.


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  1. blair says:

    Wow-that office space is fantastic! Love all the white with the pops of color her and there!

  2. Her office is so FANTASTIC, I’d seen it before…lovely! : ))
    I love your blog by the way. We should link up…

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

  3. Jacci says:

    Oh, wow! Isn’t that top pic *exactly* what you’ve been after? Light and airy, but with pops of color – red and yellow no less! Even has the inspiration wall going on. I can totally see that draped sofa on the other end of the room. Lovely, lovely.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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