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Design Issue With Fireplace/TV Area

We have a gas fireplace – I wish it were wood burning but hey we can’t have everything and not why I started this post – anyway, it’s built in to a nook in the living room wall next to a window seat/cabinet unit and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. (Sorry for the teeny photo.)


The main problem is that the fireplace is not centered so hanging anything over it looks awkward to me because I’m into symmetry. 

Then I saw this photo of a similar setup but for some reason, it doesn’t feel awkward here:

10(Desire to Inspire)

I guess sometimes we just need to see another take on something. And I suppose if ever got rid of the tv, it could look like this (but we all know that’s never going to happen):


I also saw these photos and I like how the whole fireplace/tv area was turned into a display and seating area:


022609_jimmyaoot_02(via Apartment Therapy)

The area I’m working with isn’t as long but I’m encouraged by this and want to try to do something similar. Do you have any awkward spaces you’re trying to figure out? 


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  1. Devon says:

    There are many days where I feel like my entire house is full of awkward spaces. I have no idea what fits where. Our house is so traditional in its interior design that it lends nothing to the imagination.

    I get entirely frustrated at my house and then I see others have done something, with the same space, in a way that looks entirely creative/fresh/perfect. It’s always those moments when I end up appreciating the Internet. Seriously, where in the world would we be without it? 😉

  2. Rachel says:

    Well, I have design issues where I live, but that’s because I live in an apartment and have no control over moving, well anything! I am also big into symmetry, but I love the idea of having the fireplace off-centered! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    I also LOVE the staircase in the last pictures!

  3. Devon – Ain’t that the truth?!

  4. Lauren Liess says:

    Oh those awkward spaces are so tough!!! Especially uncentered fireplaces… my last house had one & (in a corner too!!) it drove me crazy but I don’t think it ever bothered anyone other than me.

    I’m working on floorplans right now for the new place & am having a bit of a tough time with the lower level family room…

    • Lauren – Really? You had an uncentered fireplace, too?? How weird! You’re such a talented girl, I’m sure you’ll come up with something fabulous for your new house. It’s so exciting that you’re working on your new house!

  5. […] gray wall is such a great accent and I think that shade is just lovely. But more importantly, I’m trying to figure out our tv/fireplace area and I really like these shelves above the tv. It would be a good way to display art and books and […]

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