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Paris Plans, Part Deux


Today, I bring you some less swanky but no less charming rooms and spaces I love in Paris. First is the Musée de la Vie Romantique.  It’s housed in this lovely private house and I love that it’s not overrun with tourists. My favorite part is the tea salon which extends out to the garden in the warmer months: 


Look at that glass structure! How dreamy would it be to have one of those in your garden?

Next up is Le Fumoir, a well-known bar/restaurant popular with just about everyone:


It’s a great place to stop in for cocktail after visiting the Louvre which is just a few steps away. Don’t you just love all the dark wood and old books?

Next is the courtyard of the Hotel Eldorado/restaurant Bistro des Dames: 


A bit off the beaten path, it’s very boho and a lovely place to hang out when the weather is nice. There are lots of trees, shrubs and flowers with tables scattered among them. Every time I had lunch there, we would see some actor or musician (whom I never recognized but my Parisian friends would point out). 

And finally, another very boho and cozy cafe is Le Loir dans la Théière in the Marais (no website):


This place is all mismatched vintage furniture and lots of posters on the wall. I love that old wooden school desk and all the distressed leather. It’s a great place for tea or brunch.

I could keep going but I would be here all day so I’ll stop here. Tomorrow, I’ll take you shopping! [Update: I’m having the hardest time finding good photos of the places I want to show you so I think I’ll have to take some myself and show you after my trip.]

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  1. these photos are all so dreamy! i want to be there…

  2. oh yes, and we should “link up”. you’re up on my blog roll!

  3. Julie says:

    i am DYING to go to paris! thanks for giving me a glimpse of the beauty! 🙂

  4. Camila says:

    Wow! Just amazing. I’m dying for a trip to Paris, but my husband isn’t too thrilled about the idea. I need to change his mind and these pictures might do the trick. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration.

  5. devon says:

    Those shutters…oh those shutters. I adore them. I adore the thought of high-end Parisian living with some fine champagne..but there is something so perfectly charming and wonderful about the more relaxed side of Paris.

  6. My girlfriend just left for Paris this morning and another is going in May…now you….everyone is going. I am so envious. Anyways have a great time.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Blog.
    All the Best to you,

  7. Oh, I am so jealous. Love the last boho cafe.

    Hey, did you see that you were on the blog list on Desire to Inspire today? Yay!

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