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Yellow, Gray And Red

My previously discussed love of yellow led to a love of yellow and gray and it seems that that has now led to a love of yellow and gray with a pop of red. Will this obsession ever end? We have an antique iron bed in the guest room that is a rust/brick red color. This photo makes me want to paint it cherry red:




You can also get the effect with just a few choice accessories:


The color combination also looks so great in both of these white rooms:


What’s next? I’m thinking yellow and gray with pretty much every other color . . .  

(Photos: 1. Marie Claire Maison 2&3.Desire to Inspire 4. Domino 5.Livingetc.  6.Apartment Therapy  7.House to Home)

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  1. PS~Erin says:

    I love red, a really bright, tomato red. It looks so great with so many colors. That red iron bed is so great! That first picture has me wanting to pain my bed black though! Great images you’ve found.

  2. Vicki Archer says:

    I love the iron bed painted red against the grey walls, xv.

  3. the second room is so cute (the red bed frame is romantic but not too much). this is a great color combo, and one i’ve never really thought about.

  4. Luphia says:

    so glad i discovered your amazing blog!! these images are truely stunning, the colours are so so lovely!! 🙂

  5. blair says:

    Oh, that hallway is just fabulous!

  6. fabulous obsession if i say so myself. Love the red iron bed with the grey walls!

  7. ps
    glad you found me… love your blog. just added you to my blog roll:)
    have a wonderful evening.

  8. I hope the obsession never ends! The hint of red is perfect.

  9. Lauren says:

    They’re all so beautiful!!! Youa lways find the best images!! Love the red bed.

  10. nkp says:

    So many beautiful, inspiring images! I’m not a huge fan of red, so I think these pops of drama here and there are great, especially tempered by the yelow and grey. That said, I love the fantastic bedroom with the Weinrib(?) rug and the suzani covered bench-red hot!

  11. Meg says:

    I’m not normally a big red person, but these pics are gorgeous!!! I have two iron beds that I will use when we move soon and that red one just gave me so many ideas!!! Thanks!

  12. melody says:

    wow, that blue is divine.
    I never would have thought.
    Great shots.

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