From the Right Bank to the Left Coast

I'll always have Paris.

Really, Paris?

Can’t you give a girl a break? 

Picture 12


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  1. Oh I can’t believe you owned one, then it came to a tragic end. I laughed out loud when I read you checked the table first then your husband. I would have done the same thing!

  2. Kristina says:

    I’m sorry – it’s sort of tragicomic 😉
    hope the weather’s better when you get there!

  3. nkp says:

    Better to be in the rain in Paris then in the rain in say, Georgia! ;0) Just throw on a chic trench, perhaps a scarf a la Jackie O, and just imagine all the moody, evocative photos you’ll capture. In fact, my in laws went to Paris a few years ago and happened to take a snapshot of the Eiffel as a soft rain was coming down. I fell so in love witht that image that I had it blown up and framed in an old crumbling gilt frame my father in law found on the side of the road. It’s one of my favorite possessions.

    Have a wonderful, romantic trip Alek. Be safe and make lots of memories! Bon Voyage!

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