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Guest Blogger: Christina From Down And Out Chic

Hi, this is Christina from Down and Out Chic and I can’t tell you how honored I am to be guest posting on one of my very favorite blogs. Alek- whatever adventure you’re on right now, I hope you’re having a blast and I can’t wait to here all about it.

I’m here today to talk about kitchens, specifically stomach friendly kitchens. Coming from both an art and psychology background, I’m always interested in the idea of emotive force in colors. Did you know that, according to some literature, the color red can aid digestion? Don’t worry, I’m not here to quote any scientific studies, I just really wanted a reason to talk about red kitchens. Here are a few noteworthy ones…

Red is a great color for a rental space, especially if the home or apartment is older and is in need of new life.

via LivingEtc

Red and blue is a favorite color combo of mine and this darker red definitely helps to toughen up the soft, baby blue.

via AT

The owner of this kitchen is definitely a small space dweller and managed to combine what appears to be a seating area quite nicely into the kitchen area.

via AT

Cupid has definitely made his mark here. This is not for the color weary.

via flickr

via We heart it

Red, black and white is such a sharp combination. It’s a shame I live in Athens (home of the Bulldogs) b/c I can’t use this combo without feeling like I’m going to a football game.

via Country living

Bright red chairs really pop against a sharp white background.

via flickr

If you’re too afraid to use red in your home, why not set up an outdoor dining area that really makes a statement.

via flickr

Orange apparently helps digestion too, but I’ll save that for another day. How do you feel about red in the kitchen?


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  1. Charlie says:

    Wow! Red is super popular in Scandinavia at the moment and those photos say it all. It dresses up the room somehow. I am mesmerized by the intensity of the color and how great it looks. You wouldn’t even have to go all the way red, maybe just accents of red. It really look great!

    Thank you Christina for a fabulous post and gorgeous photos!

  2. nkp says:

    Love, love love the zingy red chairs in the all white room and that outdoor area is dreamy. My favorite kitchen is the one from “we heart it,” I really like the jolt of color against the industrial stainless steel pieces.

    Great post, Christina. And hello from Georgia as well, I’m in the ‘burbs just south of Athens.

  3. hi nkp, can i just say, that i absolutely love that you just used the word, “zingy”! may i borrow it?!

  4. Deb Milne says:

    Terrific post Christina. I adore the red kitchen with the pale blue walls. Wonderfully unexpected, but works so well. The red chairs in the white room make a person smile. My parents had a kitchen with red cabinets & it was beautiful. They even sold there house in one day when it hit the market, when I thought the kitchen would be a hindrance. Loving the red!

  5. Rachel says:

    I don’t know why I’ve always been afraid of red… these are fabulous!!

  6. blair says:

    Oh love it! Christina, I forgot that you said you have a red post coming up. Definitely helping me continue to warm up to the color!

  7. nina says:

    I LOVE IT!

    especially the one with the different tiles….

  8. I have a courtyard wall painted a mottled red that holds up the upper tear of garden. It is seen from every window, especially the main kitchen/living area. On the gray days it gives great support of warm cheer, and on the sunny days it remains grounded. I mixed two separate paints directly on the wall and let them blend there.
    Cranberry + Pumpkin = Tomato

  9. Fantastic kitchens, Christina! Red is such a cheery color for a kitchen. We painted a kitchen and adjoining dining room in a craftsman home that we bought and renovated a reddish-orange color called “Mexican Chili”. We painted the cabinets a cream color and hand milled and installed the craftsman trim to replace what had been removed in the 70’s. I loved those rooms. Our stainless appliances and Eames dining table and chairs looked so good in those rooms. I miss that house!

  10. PS~Erin says:

    Oh, how funny! I hadn’t made it over here yet to see your post. You found some great ones! Red has always been my favorite color, but I usually use it just as an accent. I love that backyard table.. I’d love to have a couple of those ready to pop up when we have gatherings.

  11. paula says:

    so eye catching without feeling like too much. I love it!

  12. laura trevey says:


    Great post!

    love the reds…

  13. Erin says:

    Mmmmm, that apartment is yummy!

  14. Bromeliad says:

    Isn’t red supposed to stimulate appetite, too? (And probably makes your skin look good, too.)

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