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Shopping and Wish List For The Garden

Whenever the sun makes an appearance around here, I start thinking about the garden. And the sun is definitely out today. So here’s what I’m working with. We have a dining area set up outside our living room sort of like this:


It’s currently paved with concrete pieces and pebbles but we’re both thinking wood would be nicer. (But that would be a long term project – in other words, not anytime soon.)

Out there, we have this dining set – except I didn’t bother getting an umbrella:  picture-30

But I think I may want to get one this year. I don’t talk a lot about budgets here but when it comes to the outdoors, I like to economize as much as possible. Most outdoor pieces seem to wear out pretty quickly no matter how well-made they are and more so if they’re always getting wet as they tend to get around these parts. So I want inexpensive pieces that I won’t feel bad about replacing in a few years. (The dining set is from Ikea and if I remember correctly, the table with 8 cafe chairs came to around $300.)  

I’ve also set up a lounge area on the other side of the garden and strung fairy lights in the trees. Our house is contemporary so I’m trying to keep the garden somewhat in harmony with the style of the house. This is the atmosphere I’m going for:


or this: gasl_outdoor_rooms_20

I bought two black wicker lounge chairs last year (Ikea again) and I think they could use a boost with some yellow and white cushions like these:


Then I think an outdoor rug, a couple of small side tables and maybe another seat of some sort is what I need to pull it all together. If you have any good garden furniture sources, please share them as I don’t have a clue! Thank you!

And by the way, some of my peonies have started to sprout! Is that even the correct word? Anyway, I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me! I’m keeping my distance in the hopes that if they don’t think I’m around, they won’t croak so quickly(!)

(Photos: 1.Domino 2.Anthony Todd 3.Ashe + Leandro, 4.Domino)

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