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Kitchen Window Project


We have this window in the kitchen above the sink which is nice and all but the view is kind of hideous. So I usually just keep the blinds closed but that means the kitchen doesn’t get any natural light. I had been planning on having the glass replaced with frosted glass at some point but a couple of weekends ago, I was in one of those “I can’t stand this another minute and must do something about it right now” moods. I did some research on the internet and ultimately decided that contact paper would be the fastest and easiest solution, at least temporarily. So I went to the hardware store and of course they didn’t have anything but weird colors and patterns but next to it was this white laminate paper. I wasn’t sure if it would be opaque enough but decided to give it a go:

dscn00191 dscn0021

and here’s the final result:


The laminate paper turned out to be just opaque enough to hide the view and let light filter through at the same time. Not bad, eh? And it cost all of $10. As you can see I also got my hands on some Orla Kiely goodies from Target this weekend. I wasn’t planning on getting the canisters and pitcher but they’re pretty cute and I figured I’d regret it if I didn’t once they were gone for good. I managed to get a bunch of other little projects done this weekend too so I’ll be posting about those the rest of the week. Hope you had a good one.

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