From the Right Bank to the Left Coast

I'll always have Paris.

Castles, Lodges, Glens and Lochs


(the setting for one of my favorite tv shows, Monarch of the Glen)

One of the things I miss most about living in Paris has nothing to do with Paris at all. It was the easy access to so many great places and not just in Europe but parts of Africa and the Middle East too. We managed to see a lot but we couldn’t get everywhere – I think I’d need many more years for that – and one of the places I really wish we had had time for is Scotland. The Highlands, the Hebrides, castles and glens . . .  it’s all so romantic to me.

When I do get there, one of the places I’d love to stay is the Jura Lodge. I love the color combination in this sitting room:


 The pale blue walls, dark floors, a pop of purple with lots of black. And what about the light fixtures, the black door, the molding and that drum?! 


I love the cabinets and chairs in the kitchen, too. The whole place is slightly over the top but in the best way. 

(Photos: 1. BBC 2&3. Isle of Jura)

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